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Payments Accepted

Cancellation Policy

We accept all payment methods including Credit card, Cash, P2P, and Check.

To Cancel, for 50% Refund, or Reschedule please contact your Cleaning Specialist Directly or Management.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Weekly 2-Hr Cleaning

    Every week
    2 Hours
    • 1 Cleaning Specialist Weekly 2-Hrs
  • Weekly 3-Hr Cleaning

    Every week
    3 Hours
    • 1 Cleaning Specialist Weekly 3-Hrs
  • Weekly 4-Hr Cleaning

    Every week
    4 Hours
    • 1 Cleaning Specialists- 4 Hours Weekly Maintenance
  • Bi-Weekly 2 Hr Cleaning

    Every month
    2 Hours each session bi-weekly
    • 1 Cleaning Specialist, 2 Hr Maintenance Cleaning Bi-Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly 3 Hr Cleaning

    Every month
    3 Hours each session bi-weekly
    • 1 Cleaner, 3-Hr Maintenance Clean
  • Bi-Weekly 4 Hr Cleaning

    Every month
    4 Hours each session bi-weekly
    • 1 Cleaning Specialist 4 Hr Bi-weekly Maintenance Clean
  • Monthly 3 Hour Clean

    Every month
    (1) 3-hour session each month
    • 3 Hour Monthly Maintenance Cleaning.
  • Monthly 4 Hour Clean

    Every month
    (1) 4-hour session each month
    • 1 Cleaning Specialist- 4 Hours Maintenance
  • Bi-Weekly 3Hrs/Week plan

    Every 2 weeks
    This plan includes two biweekly payments but covers a weekly 3 hour cleaning
    Valid for 52 weeks
    • Weekly 3 hour cleaning billed biweekly @ $30/hr
  • Weekly House Monthly Office

    Every month
    Includes weekly 3 hr house cleaning and Monthly 2 hr office cleaning

    Find The Best Package For Your Budget

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our Cleaning Technicians Exceed Expectations!

    For years, Odd Mom Odd Jobs has provided superior cleaning services to homes and businesses throughout Oregon. During that time, we have fine-tuned our services to better meet the exact needs of our clients. For example, we offer a free, in-home estimate so that we can accurately assess the needs of your home and help us better develop a customized cleaning solution. Little things like these add up to big increases in customer satisfaction.


    In fact, your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed.

    How can we guarantee your satisfaction? Take a look:

    1. We thoroughly train and screen our employees.

    2. Our employees are professional and uniformed.

    3. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured.

    4. We offer customized cleaning services

    However, if you are not satisfied with our cleaning services, call us within 24 hours and we will provide a cleaning service to remedy the situation, free of charge.


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